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January Intake in UK Universities 2025: Things You Need To Know

January Intake in UK 2025

Missed the opportunity to apply for the September intake? No worries, you can opt to apply for the January intake in UK 2025. A remarkable option for aspiring students who missed the September intake, the January intake in UK helps students get into their aspired university without having to attend a whole year.

The January intake in UK, also referred to as winter intake, allows students to begin their academic journey mid-term. Applying to the universities for January intake in UK 2025 gives international students extra time to put together the necessary paperwork and to achieve the language proficiency requirements.

In today’s guide, we’ll comprehensively explore everything regarding January intake in UK 2025. Be it the universities that accepts intake application or getting to know what’s the deadline for January intake in UK 2025, our today’s guide will help you to understand about the end-to-end process.

Why January Intake in UK?

The January intake, also called the winter intake in UK, is a secondary admission period for universities that offers several advantages to students such as Less competition, More time to prepare, Different graduation time, Course options, Flexibility. The January intake in UK is a good chance for students to start off their academic journey midway through the year in the United Kingdom. Many January intake universities in UK offer courses commencing in January, hence increasing flexibility and other options for students who did not make it for September.

January Intake for Undergraduate UK 2025

The programmes that are available for undergraduate students applying for January intake in UK includes a range of choices. It may be business management, healthcare, cyber security, or weekend classes; all universities in the United Kingdom offer a wide range of courses.

Besides, the January intake for undergraduate UK offers a foundation year programme for students who require additional academic preparation before joining other degree programmes.

January Intake for Masters UK 2025

The January intake for UK is an excellent opportunity to pursue further study and specialisation in your area of interest. Whether you want to boost your career prospects or explore a particular subject further, the January intake in UK universities offers a wide range of postgraduate courses.

January Intake in UK Universities 2025

January intake universities in UK have slightly lower availability than September or Fall intake universities, but they are still generally available. The table given below provides various January intake universities in UK 2025:

January Intake Universities in UK 2025 Campus
Canterbury Christ Church University Canterbury, England
Elizabeth School of London London, England
Global Banking School (GBS) London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds
Glasgow Caledonian University Glasgow, London
London Metropolitan University London, England
Middlesex University London Hendon, north London
QA Higher Education London, England
Regent College London London, Holborn, Wembley, and Harrow
University of Wales Trinity Saint David London, England, Birmingham
University of East London London, England
University of Hull Hull, England
University of Greenwich London and Medway
Ulster University London and Birmingham
University of Glasgow Glasgow, Scotland

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Available Courses in January Intake in UK 2025

Business Management Course

Transform your passion for business into a fulfilling career with the Business Management course. The January intake in UK is an ideal platform for anyone who wants to take a head start in their business career. 

This programme offers specialisations in finance, marketing, human resource management, and operations management to equip students for leadership positions in different organisations. 

Discover the potential of a business management course at a January intake university in UK and start your business journey. 

The curriculum is highly applied, with an emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and skills on business processes, strategies, and management.

Health Care Course

Pursue a career in the healthcare sector with the Health Care course, starting in the January intake in UK. The programme provides profound knowledge of the healthcare system, patients, and medical processes. 

In healthcare settings, students learn how to work as health care professionals and also receive adequate practice in communication. This foundation helps them to be fit to work in the healthcare sector. 

This course can be taken in the January intake for undergraduate UK and masters programmes.

Cyber Security Course

Be ready for digital challenges and sign up for the Cyber Security course starting this January intake in UK. 

This programme trains the students to secure computer systems, networks, and information from unauthorised access and cybercriminals. 

This includes the security technology that is up-to-date, the threats in the system, and how they are handled in case of an attack. 

It also prepares students for challenging but fulfilling cybersecurity careers. Cyber security has a January intake in UK universities, which is suitable for anyone who wishes to pursue this vital course.

Weekend Courses

Balance your education with other commitments through weekend courses available in the January intake in the UK for 2025. 

No matter whether it is professional development that needs to be sharpened or hobbies that can be learned in free time, everyone can benefit from these weekend classes available through January intake in UK 2025.

It also means that such courses can be useful when one needs to update or polish their skills, acquire new ones to meet the demands of their occupation, or when a new learner needs to effectively place themselves firmly in the working environment, which is characterised by a specific set of professional skills. 

This has been made possible by the opportunity to arrange your educational schedule to fit your other engagements.

Foundation Year Courses in January intake UK

Foundation Year Courses For Home Students

The January intake universities in UK offers home students an opportunity to begin their academic journey with a foundation year course for home students. During the foundation year, you will engage in a comprehensive curriculum that covers core subjects relevant to your desired degree programme. 

These intensive programmes bridge the gap between your current academic standing and your chosen undergraduate degree. 

Foundation year courses for the January intake in UK universities offer small class sizes and dedicated tutors. This ensures you receive the attention and guidance needed to thrive academically and personally.

Foundation Year Courses For International Students

Foundation year courses are specifically designed for international students who do not have the right qualifications to enter a UK university directly. 

The January intake courses during the foundation year for international learners with a first opportunity to build their language proficiency, analytical skills, and intercultural knowledge. 

It also gives international students a chance to acquaint themselves with the system of education in the United Kingdom. 

Take advantage of Global Edu Care’s support to apply for the January intake for UK 2025. We make sure that students fulfil the basic academic requirements needed for their programme and transition to UK education.

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Deadline for January intake in UK 2025

The application deadline for January intake in UK universities is between August and September in the previous year to the year of admission. The following points mentioned below will help you clarify the timeline to apply for January intake universities in UK.

Timeline for January intake in the UK 2025:

  • April–May 2024: Research and pick universities based on the course you want to take.
  • June–July 2024: Take English proficiency tests and additional admission exams as needed to meet qualifying requirements.
  • August–September 2024: Those who wish to study in the January intake for undergraduate UK or masters should get all the documents required for the application process as early as possible and start applying to universities. Students who want to apply for the UG courses have to apply through UCAS UK. The students should also check the UCAS deadlines. Also, look for scholarships’ options.
  • September–October 2024: Wait for admission offers and accept the one that you believe is the perfect fit for you.
  • November–December 2024: Find a place for accommodation and get ready for departure.
  • January–February 2025: Begin your studies.

How to Apply for January Intake in the UK 2025

Applying for the January intake in UK 2025 needs a lot of planning to ensure that one does not get rejected. This intake is appropriate for document and examination score collection. Here are the guidelines on how to apply for January intake in UK universities.

  • Research and shortlists: Find the universities offering January intake in UK and make sure they offer the kind of course you want to do or the course that will enhance your career. 
  • English proficiency tests: Demonstrate English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. Make sure you meet other requirements, such as training records and recommendation letters.
  • Submit Your Application: Every university has its requirements and timeline. Find out when the deadline for applications for January intakes in UK universities is and apply before that time. This information can be scrapped from the university’s websites or from UCAS.
  • Accept an Offer and Prepare for Arrival: When an offer has been given, it is advisable that the offer be read thoroughly. Know what the course entails, the costs of tuition fees, and any other necessities. Organise your travel and accommodation for the winter term in the United Kingdom.

Documents Required to Apply for January Intake in UK 2025

If you want to apply for January intake in UK universities, you should ensure that all documents required in the application process are valid. The following are the documents required for the January intake in UK.

  • Passport and copy of UK Study Visa 
  • Academic certificates and transcripts 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Financial Documents 
  • Visa Documents 
  • Updated CV
  • Research Proposal 
  • Demonstrate of proficiency in English, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or any other accepted exam

Benefits of January intake in UK 2025

The January intake in UK is a great chance for students to start the whole process of studying in the UK, and there are several reasons why it is an attractive option. Here are some of the key advantages of choosing the January intake in UK for your undergraduate or master’s programme:

  • The January intake in UK is favourable for those learners who could not join their programs in September, or they may have still more time to complete their learning plans, whereby they can be in a position to start their studies in UK without waiting for one more year.
  • Enrolling in January intake courses means you’ll finish your degree in less competitive time.
  • January intake in UK offers a better chance of securing admission to some of the UK’s top universities.
  • Another advantage of the January intake for undergraduate UK students is that class sizes are smaller, with more individual and group interactions with professors.
  • It’s much easier to apply for the January intake in UK since it will help to avoid or minimise the errors that may be experienced in the visa application process.
  • Many universities in the UK provide scholarships and financial assistance to students who take admission in January intake for UK.

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If you’ve missed the September intake, the January intake of UK 2025 is a great opportunity.  The January intake course application timeline is from June to September 2024, so it will be enough time to come up with all the required certificates and finalise the application. In case of any further assistance or any queries, our dedicated consultants at Global Edu Care are always willing and available to assist. It is hereby recommended that potential international students begin their study journey in the UK in January 2025.


Is January too late to apply for Masters UK?

No, January is not too late to apply for a Master’s in the UK. Since most universities in the UK admit students on a rolling basis, you can apply for various intakes at the university of your choice. If you begin your application process in January, you can be in a position to apply to universities that offer a May or September intake. If you wish to have more time for important documentation or to meet the language proficiency that the university desires, you can choose to apply for the January intake in UK.

Interested in applying for the January intake in UK 2025? You can reach out to us or write to us, and our higher education consultants will get in touch with you to further the conversation.

Which is the better September or January intake in UK?

The selection between the September and January intake in UK depends on the individual’s preferences and circumstances. Although the September intake is the primary one, and there are many courses to select from different universities, it’s very competitive. The January intake in UK is much better in terms of flexibility and enrollment rate as compared to the September intakes. So, choose your option depending on your course and urgency!

Is the January intake in UK less competitive?

Yes! As the January intake in UK is relatively secondary to the September intake, the number of applications is lower, which gives one a better shot at getting into the best universities. However, do not forget that the number of courses offered might be fewer. For those who want to apply for the January intake in UK, contact Global Edu Care for assistance in the application process and the documents required for the January intake in UK 2025.

Is financial aid available to international students seeking the January intake for masters UK?

Yes, there are financial aid options available for international students applying for the January intake of postgraduate exams in the UK. Do you need more information? Global Edu Care can advise on researching these options.

How can Global Edu Care help me secure a place for the January intake?

Our seasoned consultants will guide you through the process of selecting the right January intake programme for you, your application, and the deadlines. Get started on your UK study journey by contacting us today!