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Global Edu Care Becomes an Official Partner of CCCU & Regent College London for Home & International Students

Global Edu Care, an international student recruitment agency UK, is proud to announce the official partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) and Regent College London. This remark is significant to our mission to deliver quality education to students worldwide. 

The purpose of this partnership is to increase educational opportunities for home students and international students. Whether you’re looking to study in UK for international students or a seasoned professional looking for career advancement, we’re here to guide you at every step of your academic goals.

Introducing CCCU and Regent College London

Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) is one of the best public universities in the UK. It has built a strong reputation for offering Masters in UK for international students with excellent teaching. The university has more than 15,000 students in Canterbury and three campuses across England. One of the main reasons students select CCCU is the quality of education and industry connections. CCCU places a strong emphasis on applied learning and professional development. The lecturers at CCCU are well-connected, ensuring students have adequate placement and employment opportunities.

Regent College London is known for its diverse population and structured learning schedule. It provides many courses, such as international business management courses, health and social care management courses, and many more, with a foundation. The college focuses on creating a helpful place for students to learn, which helps them achieve both their academic and personal objectives. With experienced faculty and comprehensive student services, the college ensures all students receive the guidance and support they need to succeed.

Benefits of the Partnership for Home and International Students

This partnership between Global Edu Care, CCCU, and Regent College London is beneficial for home and international students. These benefits will assist in improving the quality of the educational process and making the experience more conducive. 

  • More Course Options
    With this partnership, students will have many options regarding the courses they can take. This also means that students can easily find programmes relevant to their field of interest or the job they intend to pursue. 
  • Simplified Application Process
    Applying to universities can be overwhelming. It can be quite challenging to find a suitable university to apply to when you have chosen to study in UK. At Global Edu Care, we simplify the application process through each step and ensure applications are complete and competitive. 
  • Visa Guidance
    We understand the student visa application process can be complex. Our team at Global Edu Care provides valuable guidance, ensuring a smoother transition to studying in the UK. 
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Support
    Do not allow the constraints of financial factors to be the reason behind your not accessing education. Our higher education recruitment consultants will guide you on where and how to seek the different scholarships and financial aid available at both universities so that you can concentrate on your academics. 
  • Better Job Opportunities
    CCCU and Regent College London have significant affiliations with many industries and organisations. This would mean a larger number of students could get into internships, placements, and referrals. With these opportunities, the students will be able to get the essential skills and working experience they need for their careers.

How Can Global Edu Care Help You Get Admission?

Global Edu Care is a dedicated international student recruitment agency UK that provides comprehensive support to university students seeking admission. Here’s how Global Edu Care can help you secure your spot at these esteemed institutions:

  • We’ll understand your academic interests, career goals, and personal preferences to guide you in finding the right programme and college or university. 
  • Guide in gathering all essential documents and ensuring your application meets all university and immigration requirements.
  • Our dedicated higher education recruitment consultant will remain by your side throughout your academic stay and help you adapt to the new conditions. 
  • If the institution you choose requires an interview as part of its admission process, our expert team will prepare you for it. 
  • Our advisors at Global Edu Care will help you consider affordable accommodation and the cost of living, among other aspects, when moving to the UK. 
  • If you’re planning to study in UK for international students, then Global Edu Care is a renowned higher education recruitment agency to help in the admission process. 


The partnership between Global Edu Care, Canterbury Christ Church University, and Regent College London makes education much more open and supportive. Students will benefit from more course options, better support services, and the prospect of studying abroad. We want you to consider taking that first step. Contact Global Edu Care today!