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September Intake in UK 2024: Deadlines in Top Universities

As you plan your higher education journey, you may wonder, “When should I apply for UK September intake?” This year promises new beginnings, making it an ideal time to explore UK September intake 2024 for international students. 

The September intake, the UK’s main one, accommodates several long-established courses worldwide. Usually, application deadlines are set for between February and May; differences may occur depending on colleges and programmes. 

In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why the September intake of UK is ideal and provide a comprehensive list of participating universities, including the essential application deadlines. Let’s get into the specifics!

What Makes September Intake in UK a Preferred Choice?

Addressing the most pressing question, “When should I apply for UK September intake?” The ideal time is right after your high school or bachelor’s degree. The September intake of UK holds a distinct advantage for international students seeking a well-rounded and supportive academic experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors contributing to its popularity:

  • September intake UK welcomes many international students, fostering a diverse academic atmosphere conducive to global connections and interactions. 
  • Most international students prefer enrolling for the September intake in UK as it enables them to maintain academic momentum without experiencing a prolonged gap.
  • Opting for September intake UK offers pleasant weather, particularly beneficial for those unaccustomed to cold winters, minimising climate shock.
  • With the start of the September intake UK, students have the opportunity to select from a variety of UK universities and course offerings.
  • Many scholarships target the September intake in UK, helping ease the financial burden.

List of UK Universities Accepting September Intake

Some universities in the UK offer great programmes and academic opportunities to students during September intake UK. If you’re thinking about study in the UK for the September intake UK 2024, it’s a good idea to take a look at a list of top universities in the UK that offer graduate programmes for international students:

  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • University Of Wales Trinity Saint David
  • University of Greenwich
  • University of Sheffield
  • Birmingham City University
  • Kingston University
  • University of Law
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Royal Holloway University
  • University of Sussex
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Buckinghamshire New University
  • Middlesex University London
  • University of Essex
  • The College, Swansea University
  • University of Bradford

How Do You Apply for the September Intake in UK?

To apply for the September intake UK 2024 as an international student, it’s essential to adhere to the correct procedures. Follow these steps carefully to secure admission to your preferred university and course:

Demonstrate English Language Proficiency

If you plan to be admitted to the September intake in UK, begin preparing for language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, Duolingo or TOEFL well in advance to ensure timely completion and avoid application delays.

Research and Shortlist Universities with Their Deadlines

Research universities and programmes matching your interests. Also, take note of each institution’s last date to apply for September intake in UK. Additionally, compile a list of required documents and available scholarship opportunities for your convenience.

Accept the Offer Letter from the University

Once you receive offers from the UK universities, carefully compare your options and select the programme that best suits your goals. After making your decision, be sure to accept the offer letter from your chosen university to secure your place.

Apply for a Study Visa

International students must apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa to study in the UK. Gather the required documents and submit your visa application well in advance, allowing ample time for processing.

Finalise Your Preparations

Upon receiving the offer letter from the desired UK university, begin preparing for your journey abroad. Searching for accommodation and familiarising yourself with the city before the semester begins is advisable.

Documents Required for September Intake in UK

If you want to begin on your journey with September intake UK, then it’s essential to submit the following UK student visa document checklist for your course –

  • Passport and copy of UK Study Visa
  • Copies of all academic certificates
  • Updated CV
  • Research proposal (required for applying to PhD courses)
  • Certificate of proficiency in English, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or any other accepted exam
  • Personal statement (also known as a statement of purpose)
  • Master’s degree certificate (for PhD courses)
  • Confirmation of enrolment

UK September Intake 2024 Deadline

Universities across the UK are eagerly accepting applications of international students who are applying for September intake 2024 in UK. However, procrastination until the UK September intake 2024 deadline should not be an option, particularly since the application process for international students usually takes a long time.

Applying for undergraduate programmes in the UK is simplified through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), a centralised application portal that allows students to apply to several programmes simultaneously.

Master’s programmes are usually submitted through an online university portal, but the process can vary depending on the institution and programme chosen. Nevertheless, it is advised to send the application file three months before the programme begins.

Here are some important UK September intake 2024 deadlines to keep in mind when applying through UCAS:

  • Mid-October 2023: Oxford, Cambridge, and most courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science have their deadlines.
  • End of January 2024: UK University application for equal consideration.
  • End of June 2024: The applications received after this date are put into clearing.
  • End of September 2024: Final UCAS application deadline.
  • Mid-October 2024: The submission deadline for applications for September intake in UK.


As the September intake UK is highly coveted, pursuing studies during this period presents an excellent opportunity. Get expert guidance and support from Global Edu Care to navigate this crucial step towards your academic journey.


What is the last date to apply for September intake in UK?

The deadline to submit applications for the UK September intake 2024 is January 26, 2024, for equal consideration, and June 30, 2024, for sending applications to UK universities through UCAS. The final UK September intake 2024 deadline is September 28, 2024. But remember, the deadline for the September intake in the UK varies by university and programme. Check the deadlines for your chosen universities and programmes, or contact Global Edu Care to assist you for intakes in UK.

How many intakes are there in the UK for international students?

There are three UK intakes available for international students: September/October intake (fall intake), January/February intake (winter intake), and April/May intake (summer intake). For any assistance, you can contact Global Edu Care, an international student recruitment agency in UK for successful application.

What if I miss the UK September intake 2024 deadline?

When you miss the application deadline, check out other universities still accepting applications. Alternatively, start preparing for the next intake as soon as possible. You can also consider contacting Global Edu Care, the leading student recruitment agency in the UK, to help with intakes in the UK.